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Stay Prepared for Upcoming Winter Storms!

With the upcoming snowstorms on the way, we at KwikSafety would like to take another opportunity to highlight our ANSI tested and OSHA compliant Safety Jackets. Snow storms can be dangerous in North Carolina and we want to make sure our patrons are warm, visible, and safe on the job!

Winter is here and with it comes freezing cold weather! Be prepared by keeping warm in our Hi Visibility Bomber-Style Safety Jackets! Offering the ultimate daytime and nighttime visibility, our fluorescent yellow safety jackets are the perfect choice for staying warm and staying seen this season. Coming in a variety of designs, our bomber jackets are perfect for the customer who wants stylish safety apparel a league above the rest.

We offer a total of 6 unique styles of bomber jackets, each with their own features:









All of our bomber jackets are ANSI tested to ensure high quality design that will stay warm and stay strong even in the toughest weather conditions. So make sure you don’t get caught out in the cold this season.





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