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KwikSafety's Welding Goggles 2022

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that over 560,000 workers are injured annually due to welding accidents.

KwikSafety brand welding goggles are selling like hotcakes! Since we have added new goggles to our catalogue and received questions regarding our welding goggles, we will be highlighting their features and differences.

For a lot of workers, like welders, protection of the eyes is crucial. Exposure to ultraviolet radiation causes chemical changes to the cornea, the white of the eye, in the eye lens and on the retina. Our professional grade welding goggles protect you with a Shade #5 IR lens. The frames are made from very durable PVC material, and have anti-scratch properties to ensure long-lasting usability.

All of our welding goggles are designed to be multi-functional. Ideal use is for Plasma Jet or Infrared Welding with a w/1 amp Welding Current max. Other uses include: Soldering, Brazing, welding with Oxy-acetylene gas, Flame Cutting, Oxy-fuel cutting, Blacksmithing, Blowtorching, Sandblasting, Woodworking, Sawing, Landscaping, various work projects, and even as part of a costume.






We are confident that these welding goggles will rival their competitors. Click here to browse our catalogue of welding goggles and if you have more questions visit our FAQ page. 

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