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Ring The Bell for Workers Memorial Day 2022

Ring The Bell for Workers Memorial Day 2022

We know that employers work tirelessly every day to prevent any type of on-the-job injury.

Yet even with the best-laid plans in place, accidents still happen.

That is why, every year, on April 28, the nation recognizes Workers Memorial Day and we honor those workers who lost their lives.

What is Workers Memorial Day and Why?

The very first Workers’ Memorial Day came on April 28, 1989, 19 years after the legislative anniversary of the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970. This act gave the federal government the authority to set and enforce safety and health standards for the country’s workers and made having a safe job a fundamental right for workers.

Workers’ Memorial Day is a set standard to remember those who have fallen while on the job, as well as a commitment to finding improved safety regulations for the workers of today.

Occupational injuries, illness, and death have such a huge impact on the families of these workers, their colleagues, employers, and society at large. Significant changes have been put into effect since the induction of OSHA, but there is always, always, always more to be done.

Statistics to Note

  • In 2020, someone died on the job every 111 minutes. This equaled about 13 fatalities per day.
  • A worker died every 99 minutes from a work-related injury.
  • Agriculture, mining, oil and gas extraction, transportation, and construction were the top industries where worker deaths occurred.
  • States with the highest fatalities in 2019 included: Alaska, Wyoming, North Dakota, Montana, and West Virginia.

Ring The Bell In Remembrance

Workers’ Memorial Day 2022 is fast approaching, and the nation is already abuzz with opportunities to give back, support, and honor those who’ve experienced such tragedy.

Ring The Bell for Workers Memorial Day 2022 and join those who are committed to the fight for strong safety and health protections at the North Carolina State Capitol where a press conference and solemn memorial service will be held. Here participants will toll a bell 189 times - once for each person in North Carolina who died while working for a better life in 2020.

In the event of a worker being injured or killed on the job, their entire family is affected. Kids’ Chance is a state organization that provides educational scholarships to the children of North Carolina workers who have been catastrophically or fatally injured in work-related accidents. The 2022 Kids’ Chance National Conference kicks off on April 28 in Charlotte, N.C., and brings the community together to empower volunteers, recognize the support of leaders and partners, and identify those who are to receive support. Since its inception in 1988, Kids’ Chance has awarded over 8,700 scholarships totaling $30 million dollars.

Show Your Support Virtually

For anyone unable to come out to either of these events, the United States Department of Labor has released a Virtual Workers Memorial Wall located on their website HERE as a tribute to those who have lost their lives while on the job. If you have lost a loved one due to a work-related incident, share your story with OSHA at

Workers’ Memorial Day is a chance for everyone to get involved and spread the message of workplace safety, because spreading awareness is truly the first step. Honoring the workers who’ve lost their lives on the job should go beyond April 28 and long into every safety protocol put into play. 


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