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What's the difference between a Class 2 safety vest and a Class 3 safety vest?

What's the difference between a Class 2 safety vest and a Class 3 safety vest?

As our name KwikSafety implies, it is fundamental that our products meet industry standards, to help ensure the safety of our community and its workers. Therefore it is important to us that our Safety Vests meet the American National Standards Institute's requirements for class 2 and class 3 vests. 

ANSI uses 3 classifications to describe safety vests.  These classifications increase based on the visibility, the measured amount of reflective material on the vest, and the potential risk for injury that the vest is supposed to prevent.

Class 1 safety vests DO NOT meet ANSI standards. These are only good for low-stakes jobs in which there isn't much risk for injury and they have the least amount of reflective tape. NONE of our vests are class 1 and ALL of KwikSafety Vests meet ANSI Class 2 and 3 standards.

Class 2 Safety Vests are generally sleeveless and must have a minimum of 201 square inches of reflective material. These vests are recommended for any traffic jobs in which traffic exceeds 25 mph or jobs in which low visibility can potentially cause injury. Jobs like these might include construction work, surveying, or parking attendants.

For one of our Class 2 Safety Vests we'd definitely recommend our Hi Viz Classic Safety Vest:

Class 3 Safety Vests are required to have even more reflective material on them. It is also required that they have sleeves with extra reflective material. These are recommended for dangerous jobs in which visibility is often obscured and potential risk for injury is high. These jobs may include FAA Airport workers, TSA, engineering, security, site inspection, emergency teams, firefighters, or EMS.

For a Class 3 Safety Vest we recommend our highly reflective Executive Safety Vest.



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