KwikSafety SUPERCELL Safety Harness ANSI Fall Protection Tongue Buckle 3 D Ring

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Our OSHA Approved and ANSI Compliant KwikSafety High Quality Fall Protection Safety Harness is great for any industry and any application. It has 1 ¾ -inches wide yellow load bearing straps and black lock stitched webbing to keep you safe and secure while working and if a fall were to occur. Our bright yellow load bearing straps are visible in various weather conditions: direct sunlight, foggy, dusty and dim-light. A Single (1) Dorsal Ring is located on the back of the Full Body Harness and is used as the primary fall arrester attachment. Two D-Rings are located on the hips of the Safety Harness for work positioning uses only. Attachments to the hip rings should be used in pairs for all job types including arborist, utility workers climbing poles, construction workers tying rebar and climbing on form walls. Water repellent safety webbing ergonomically supports back and hips while bearing the weight of the user as well as the weight of tools that may be attached. Here at KwikSafety craftsmanship, care and pride is taken with a critical eye when it comes to our products and to the workers safety. Our KwikSafety 3D Ring Safety Harness meets or exceeds all applicable industry standards including OSHA and ANSI and is Government Approved, DOD Approved, Airport & Port Approved, and RapidGate and TWIC Approved. Great for use at Ports, Airports, Highways, Military Installations and Other Government Facilities. Our KwikSafety Full Body Harness is a One Size Fits Most with a height range of 4’10” to 6’6”; and a weight range of 130 lbs. to 310lbs.

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