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KwikSafety THUNDER Safety Harness OSHA ANSI Fall Protection PPE Construction 3 D Ring - Model No.: KS6602

$ 72.97

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    • Safety Harness + Safety Lanyard + Tool Lanyard


    • Safety Harness + Safety Lanyard + Tool Lanyard + Anchor


    SAFETY HARNESS -  The KwikSafety THUNDER Full Body 3D Ring Safety Harness supports users within the capacity range of 130 to 310 pounds (59 to 140 kg). To ensure proper fit, ensure that all pass-through connectors are connected and aligned, leg and shoulder straps are snug, and chest straps are in the center of the chest area.

    SAFETY LANYARD  -  The Kwiksafety BOA is 6 feet (1.8m) and has expandable webbing with a maximum deployment distance of 48 inches (1.2m). User capacity ranges from 130-310 lbs (including worker weight, clothing, and tools). The BOA is also equipped with a personal shock or energy absorbing / absorber pack. It comes with a rebar and snap hook for ease of use around structures.

    TOOL LANYARD  - The tool lanyard attachment has 2:1 Safety Factor and can hold tools up to 20 pounds.

    CROSS ARM STRAP (ANCHOR)  -  3 foot long pass thru web anchor | Worker capacity is 310 lbs | Min. breaking strength is 5000 lbs | Anchorage equipment for a single user | The GIBBON GRIP cross arm strap is a premium fall protection tool / anchor strap with a large d ring connector | Web anchor fall safety equipment, the perfect high rise guardian.

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