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KwikSafety 10’ COBRA Self Retracting Lifeline ANSI Class B Poly Web SRL - Model No.: KS7912-10

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  • THE PERFECT CLASS | Our 10 ft, 20 ft, and 30 ft SRLs are labelled Class B and are OSHA Compliant and follow the standards of ANSI Z359.14-2014, providing fall arrest tool protection that you can rely on. They provide an average arrest force of 900 lbs, a maximum arrest force of 1,800 lbs and a maximum deceleration distance of 54 inches (137 cm). The COBRA will act as your fall arrest guardian and is third party tested to protect you in the event of a fall.
  • BRAKE SO YOU DON’T BREAK! | The non-leading edge COBRA has a quick brake action that senses your speed and provides a smooth and safe catch event of a fall, especially for falls at low heights. The speed sensing brake system allows you to continue to work without worrying about your srl lanyard locking up. The 6 ft and 10 ft SRLs come equipped with a high quality shock or energy absorbing pack that activates during a fall to reduce acceleration, impact forces, and minimize injury on the jobsite.
  • WHAT WE’RE MADE OF | The self-retracting lifeline line is made up of durable polyester webbing with high quality stitching and is enclosed by a small, black, polymer housing. This compact design allows workers to carry around their srl without worrying about tangling cords or bulky housing that weighs them down. Can be easily carried in the drawstring bag it comes with or your own tool bag!
  • LOCKED UP FOR YOUR SAFETY | The heavy duty steel, twist locking carabiner clip attached to the swivel top at the top of the fall limiter provides additional safety when attached properly to either an anchorage connector or a suitable anchor point such as an I-Beam. The swivel top allows workers to work with ease and limits the lifeline from twisting. The no rust steel snap hook attaches and locks safely to a harness dorsal D-ring to ensure your safety.
  • PERFORMANCE & CAPABILITIES | The 10 foot (3 m) COBRA self retracting lifeline provides ultimate fall arrest protection with a single ¾” (19 mm) wide polyester web lifeline line with a weight capacity of 130-310 lbs or up to 420 lbs (see instructions included). Suitable for use with horizontal lifelines and for horizontal use. Great retractable lifeline lanyard for roofers, roofing workers, construction workers, industry workplaces, shipyards, long shoring, and high elevation jobs.

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