KwikSafety RATTLER 6' ANSI 1 Leg Fall Protection Shock Absorbing Safety Lanyard

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Our KwikSafety RATTLER Safety Lanyard & Tool Lanyard Set minimizes trouble of shopping and any trouble on the job site. The 6 foot fall protection safety lanyard is equipped with (1) snap hook & (1) rebar hook to keep you safe on jobs or activities that require fall protection. This tactical lanyard is designed to reduce the dangers of falling or slipping can be easily maneuvered and positioned around obstacles and obstructions while remaining secure and safe. Our Tool Lanyards is equipped with (1) small carabiner & a drawstring and chord lock for attaching to your harness and attaching tools. The highly conspicuous polyester material on both safety fall protection lanyard and tool lanyard is ultra-noticeable in direct sunlight, and aids visibility in foggy, dusty and dim-light conditions to help prevent accidents to those who wear it. The double-locking ANSI compliant hooks are user-friendly while providing substantial security. It’s the ideal fall protection device for construction, welding, roofing, logging, arborists, climbing, emergency and rescue services, and other utility jobs at hazardous heights.

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