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For the Eager Beavers! | Safety Belt

For the Eager Beavers! | Safety Belt

A lot of safety equipment sold online is not ANSI Tested or OSHA Compliant, making finding quality safety equipment harder and more stressful to find. Luckily, our patrons know that all of the equipment sold here at KwikSafety meet or exceed industry standards. 

If you're in need of a versatile safety belt that is OSHA Compliant, KwikSafety has you covered. Whether you are an ironworker, construction worker, or mechanic, this safety belt is perfect for holding all of your tools, bags, and attachments.


Safety Belts are often conflated with safety harnesses, but there should be a distinction. Safety Harnesses are designed for fall protection and the Beaver Tail is versatile PPE gear, mostly convenient to ironworkers. Make sure you have what you need by visiting our Safety Harness and Iron Worker Tools catalogues and if you have more questions visit our FAQ page. 

We at KwikSafety would like to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and encourage all of our patrons to be thankful for the tools that keep them safe during the holidays. 


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