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Safety Tool Lanyards for Fall Protection Occupations

Tool Lanyards

Working at great heights is good for catching fresh air. It is not good for catching falling objects, however. Your safety, as well as the safety of others around or below you are vital. If you or someone else were to drop tools from a height, it could cause serious injuries. How can we be assured that doesn't happen?

Our professional lightweight and industrial standard safety tool lanyards can prevent such accidents and minimize the likelihood of an injury from occurring.

Our tool lanyards support weights up to 20Ibs and are compatible with your ANSI/OSHA fall protection gear. With components such as adjustable durable clasps and premium shock absorbing cords, you can feel safe knowing that you, others around you, and your tools are secured. 

If you work at great heights, a tool lanyard should be apart of your arsenal, so make sure you make a Kwik-pickup for yours today at our shop to ensure safety is met for all.

KwikSafety provides The Safety You Need | The Style You Want™