About Us


KwikSafety is a professional manufacturer and global distributor of premium code compliant industrial safety products.  Everything Safety ® encompasses our mission, providing customers with any and all of their safety needs.


No Shortcuts
Developing new products with the right quality, design and detail takes time and careful analysis, no expense is spared on our product development.  We aim to provide all customers with The Safety You Need, The Style You Want ®, designing products that are functional and fashionable. 
Exceed The Standards
Our products meet and exceeds the following standards (but are not limited to) ANSI, OSHA, CA, CE, EN and many more.  KwikSafety members work around the clock to continue to create new and improved high performance industrial safety products to surpass all expectations and standards.
Create Happy Customers
Our belief is simple, create happy customers.  Our first in class relationships with customers is legendary and we will always push for 100% customer happiness.
Have Skin in the Game
We practice what we preach, all of the members of our sisters companies are equipped with KwikSafety gear on the field 24/7.


Product Customization
Any design or logo that our customers have in mind can be customized onto our safety apparel lines at very competitive pricing with an insanely fast turnaround time.
Wholesale Pricing
The simple phrase is, “The more you buy the more you save,” quantity discounts are used on all KwikSafety products.
Production Capability (accommodate small OEM orders)
We have a very strong production capacity, capable of handling either large or small orders.  We can also accommodate large or small OEM orders, plus assist in design, sourcing materials and logo placement.
Fast Shipping And Turn Around Time
Since our inception, we have been working vigorously to ensure that we deliver world class shipping service to our customers.
Legendary Customer Service
We believe in providing our customers with awesome and fast customer service to ensure that our customers are always happy and attended to.
Personal eye protection products, namely, safety glasses; face protection products, namely, safety goggles, welding masks and respirators other than for artificial respiration; head protection, namely, hard hats; foot and leg protection, namely, protective industrial shoes; hand protection products, namely, work gloves; body protection products, namely, reflective and highly visible coveralls worn for safety purposes, flame resistant and arc flash resistant jackets, pullovers, shirts, and sweatshirts, reflective safety vests; self-retracting devices, namely, fall protection lanyards; and confined space safety products, namely, fall harnesses and rescue lanyards; rescue products, namely, manually operated life-saving safety mechanism, namely, a controlled descent device comprised of several descent slowing mechanisms allowing for the regulated descent at a fixed and safe speed, a harness attached at either end of a steel fiber cable, and an assortment of accessories attached thereto; safety equipment, namely, a lifeline system for horizontal or vertical movement to which a worker is attached for protection against fall hazards, composed of line tension indicator, turnbuckle, bars, anchors, harnesses, lanyards, cables, anchorage connectors, carabiners, lifelines, stanchions and shock absorbers and many more!