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Fall Protection Kwik-Kits and Bundles!

Here at KwikSafety, we understand that our consumers have many different needs for each of their careers. We recognize that shoppers may need to order multiple items, but don't want to order them all individually. To help maximize convenience for our shoppers, we now offer multiple types of combos, kits and bundles!

These combinations can be found on our normal product listings such as this example, but if they still don't come with the right combination of tools - we have the solution for you. We also offer completely customizable pre-built kits! Choose the exact items and tools you need for your personal fall arrest kit all in one place - our Kwik-Kit Builder.

These combos, bundles, and kits are ideal for individual workers looking for an ALL-IN-ONE purchase, or team managers looking to replace old fall protection equipment and PPE.

We offer many combinations of items, so we do recommend unfamiliar customers to check all the current kits and combos on our listings (click here to see what a listing with kits and combos looks like) to see if what you need is offered.

If you can't find the right combination of items you want, visit our Kwik-Kit Builder page and fill out the Kit Builder Form. We will personally build and box your kit with all the items you choose!

If you have more questions, please visit our FAQ page.



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Fall Protection Kwik-Kits and Bundles! | KwikSafety
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