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Single Leg Safety Lanyard VS. Double Leg Lanyard

We at KwikSafety want to take the time to highlight the differences between our Single and Double Safety Lanyard options. With our growing collection of Safety Lanyards we want to ensure our patrons get what they need. KwikSafety offers more options for the workforce than ever before, and you can peek at this comparison chart for just a taste! 

What is a Safety Lanyard?

A safety lanyard is the line in a fall protection system that connects a worker to their anchor point. This short length of webbing or cable typically attaches to the D-ring of a worker's safety harness and can have a shock-absorbing feature, or simply is attached as a lifeline.


How to use Safety Harness and Lanyard :

All of our KwikSafety Harnesses have a primary D-Ring that fits on the spine of the harness wearer. To properly use a safety lanyard, simply connect one hook the the primary D-Ring, and connect the other hook to an appropriate anchor point.


What is the difference between a Single and Double Hook Safety Lanyard?

The obvious visual difference between the Single and Double legged lanyards is the number of lines that split from the primary snap hook. If it has an extra line, it is a double legged lanyard! They are distinct from each other because certain jobs require workers to have 100% tie-off capabilities, in these cases you need to have a double or twin leg lanyard. A single leg lanyard is beneficial for its lighter weight less hassle while moving.

What are the benefits of a Double Leg safety lanyard?

A double leg lanyard is particularly useful when workers have to change anchor points in order to move around their worksite. Double leg safety lanyards reduce fall risk when changing anchor points that are within the lanyards range.






Make sure you have what you need by visiting our Safety Lanyard Catalogue and and if you have more questions visit our FAQ page. 


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Single Leg Safety Lanyard VS. Double Leg Lanyard | KwikSafety
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