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What Is a Safety Positioning Belt?

What Is a Safety Positioning Belt?

Positioning safety belts are an important piece of equipment for ironworkers and other blue-collar workers. These belts are designed to keep workers securely positioned while working at height, allowing them to work with both hands free and reducing the risk of falls. Positioning safety belts are typically used in conjunction with other safety equipment, such as lanyards and anchor points, to provide a complete fall protection system.

The benefits of using positioning safety belts are numerous. Firstly, a properly adjusted safety belt allows workers to be in a more comfortable and ergonomic position throughout the day, which can help to reduce fatigue and increase productivity. This is especially important for tasks that require extended periods of work at height.

Another benefit of using positioning safety belts is that they can help to prevent falls by keeping workers securely positioned. This can be particularly important in situations where workers are required to lean out over the edge of a structure. By keeping workers securely positioned, the risk of a fall is significantly reduced.


If you're in need of a versatile safety belt that is OSHA Compliant, we have you covered! Whether you are an ironworker, construction worker, or mechanic, the BEAVER TAIL Safety Belt is perfect for holding all of your tools, bags, and attachments.

Safety Belts are often thought to be a replacement from using a safety harness, but there is a very big difference. Safety Harnesses are designed for fall protection while the BEAVER TAIL is versatile PPE gear, mostly convenient to ironworkers.


Make sure you have everything you need to stay safe and secure by visiting our Safety Harness and Ironworker Gear catalogues.


If you have more questions, please visit our FAQ page.



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