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What is KwikSafety's Return Policy?

What is KwikSafety's Return Policy?

Here at KwikSafety, we understand how scary it can be to shop for safety apparel and safety gear online. That's why we give you 30 days to return or exchange your item!

Need a different size within 30 days of receiving your new safety vest or safety shirt? Want to return a vest because you bought too many? KwikSafety makes the process easy!

Just send us a quick email to with the following information:

  • Name
  • Order Number
  • Pictures of Item You Received
  • Inform us if you are wanting to make an Exchange OR Return

Afterwards, a KwikSafety Customer Happiness Representative will follow up with you to help guide you through the rest of the process.


Still hesitant to place an order? Check out our FAQ page!

 If you can't find an answer to your question, reach out to us at or call us at 980-819-5200.


Are you satisfied with your product? Leave a review! We'd love to hear your feedback.



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What is KwikSafety's Return Policy? | KwikSafety
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