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KwikSafety ORANGUTAN | Yoke Climbing Ascender

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The KwikSafety ORANGUTAN | Yoke Climbing Ascender is a light, compact, single-handled device, with a convenient spring design for easy operation with one hand and can be easily stowed once you have reached your desired height or are prepared to descend. Rather than gripping the rope with a bare hand, climbers could hold the hand ascender and use the device to climb up on the rope. The ascender allows climber to move it smoothly up the rope. But is made with a locking design (tooth cams) that engage when moved in the opposite direction, preventing the ascender from accidently coming off the rope. This allows climbers to reduce the strength needed to grip the rope, and maximizes power when pulling. It is suitable for single 8mm-13mm diameter rope, designed with multiple holes providing many attachments for connecting with other equipment and is made for all types of climbing conditions. The over molded dual-density grips have an area for the index finger and a wide, supportive base to keep the hand from slipping. This shape ensures a comfortable and powerful grip, increasing efficiency when ascending a rope. The wide lower hole allows the carabiners of the lanyard and FOOTAPE or FOOTCORD foot loop to be easily attached.

  • SPECIFICATIONS: Rope 8mm - 13mm. Net Weight 6.9 ounces. Anodized Finish. Stamping Aluminum Alloy.
  • HIGH QUALITY: Stamped aluminum alloy shipped brand new, optimized for performance under any condition. The shape in the opening lever, to facilitate use even when wearing gloves.

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