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Extended-Sizing (3XL+) | ANSI Tested & OSHA Compliant

Extended-Sizing (3XL+) | ANSI Tested & OSHA Compliant

We at KwikSafety are excited to announce that we have introduced a new line of extended-sizing products for our safety apparel! These new ranges of sizes were designed to provide better-fit options for workers with different body types, ensuring that you can obtain the same level of protection as everyone else.

All KwikSafety high visibility apparel is ANSI tested and OSHA compliant to the most current industry standards.

KwikSafety safety apparel is functional, fashionable, and durable and come in various styles for both males and females. All KwikSafety products are uniquely designed for different use levels on the construction site, suitable for both daytime and low-light conditions.

We have a wide variety of styles, sizes, and colors to meet the needs of road crews, construction workers, railroad personnel, traffic controllers, crossing guards, drone pilots (UAV), security guards, police, fire department, EMS, first responders and others involved in situations where the visibility is required and recommended.

KwikSafety provides The Safety You Need | The Style You Want™