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Safety Lifelines | ANSI Tested & OSHA Compliant | Class A & B

All KwikSafety vertical lifelines and self-retracting lifelines are ANSI Tested and OSHA compliant. We have been selling top quality in the market for many years, all are 3rd party tested and all manufactured lines are batch tested for extra verification. We have worked very hard to focus on every design and functionality detail to manufacture only premium lifelines that perform well above the ANSI standards.

Our signature COBRA SRL line offers 6'-30' lengths with ABS or lightweight aluminum housing options. Our mighty vertical lifeline TSUNAMI family model ranges from 25' - 150' options, a perfect pairing with any roofing kit. Both models are suitable for a wide range of use at heights, whether that be a roof or a towering structure.

 KwikSafety provides The Safety You Need | The Style You Want™