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About Our Services

Here at KwikSafety, our customization services delivers the custom apparel you want and the safety you need!

We offer a wide variety of safety apparel products that can be personalized with logos or artwork including safety vests, safety shirts, safety jackets, rain gear, and hard hats.

We're proud to have served our customers with high-quality printing services for over 5+ years, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to mom-and-pop shops. Whether an order is big or small, we aim to deliver above your expectations!


We offer a number of customization services, including:

  • Screen Printing - The tried-and-true method for pressing ink designs onto a wide variety of items. 
  • Embroidery - Thread-spun designs for items like jackets.
  • Vinyl Decals - Weather-proof & water-proof dye-cut decals for hard hats. We have choices of a white, black, or clear background!

We do it all with top-of-the-line equipment and a team of printing experts with decades of combined experience. 


Check out some of our previous customization orders!

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