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KwikSafety MIGHTY SUMO Type 3 Nylon Web Lifting Slings - Model No.: KS8801

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$ 13.96
$ 13.96 - $ 70.73
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Size: 1" x 4' (3200 lbs)
Pack Type: 1 PACK - Mighty Sumo

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  • HAIL THE MIGHTY SUMO - Engineered and tested, this heavy duty synthetic web sling is perfect for Construction Sites, Heavy Cargo Lifting, Towing, Furniture Moving and Handling, Rigging, Crane Loading, Tow Boat Hoisting and more!  The versatility in our lifting sling makes it perfect for professional and personal uses. Whether its used in construction, engine work, cranes, forklift operation, hoisting like a hook, chain, or pulley, or rigging equipment, the MIGHTY SUMO rises to the challenge!

  • DURABLE POLYESTER WEBBING - Our Industrial Web Slings are designed and engineered with synthetic polyester (NOT nylon) webbing material, tested and manufactured according to WSTDA-WB-1 and WSTDA-TH-1. Referred to as eyes, flat eye-and-eye, eye-and-eye, or double eye slings are made with a flat loop eye on each end with loop eye openings on the same plane as the slings body. 3 hitch types (vertical/straightline, choker, and basket) that allow for complete versatility for almost any job!

  • ANSI TESTED BY 3RD PARTY (Unique to KwikSafety Products) - The MIGHTY SUMO meets both American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) specification B30.9-2014 and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) specification 1910.184. The max load for each hitch type (3) is listed on the sling. Available in 1 inch and 2 inch web slings: 4ft, 8 ft, 10 ft, 12 ft, 16 ft, 20 ft, & 30 ft. With a variety of lengths, these straps can make loops that fit around heavy loads as a lift-all solution.
  • OSHA COMPLIANT (Keep OSHA on Your Side) - Please do not use if any of the following conditions are present: Sling identifications are missing or illegible. Damages to the sling including acid or caustic burns, melting or charring, holes, tears, cuts or snags. If the load bearing splices contain any broken or worn stitching. Excessive abrasive wear, knots in any part of the sling, discoloration and brittle/stiff areas. If fittings are pitted, corroded, cracked, bent, twisted, gouged, or broken.
  • FALL PROTECTION GUARDIAN – With the MIGHTY SUMO, you’ll want to conquer heights as tall as the peak of Malta! KwikSafety products are proudly designed & shipped from Charlotte, NC, USA. Our Charlotte-based team will quickly answer any of your questions about your order in English or Spanish, si habla Espanol (spanset, eslinga web). KwikSafety products are premium stylish safety products designed by Americans with American Standard level of quality. If you have a problem, we have a solution.

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KwikSafety MIGHTY SUMO Type 3 Nylon Web Lifting Slings - Model No.: KS8801 | KwikSafety