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KwikSafety BOA 6' ANSI 1 Leg Fall Protection Safety Lanyard with Shock Absorber - Model No.: KS7701

$ 50.25

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  • EXTERNAL SHOCK ABSORBER - The KwikSafety BOA is a single leg, heavy duty, high performance safety lanyard that meets and exceeds ANSI standards! The 6 foot (1.8 meters) BOA roof lanyard comes completely equipped with an external shock absorbing pack that deploys in the event of a fall to reduce impact forces and acceleration to minimize injury. Average arresting force is 900lbs (4kN). Be seen and be safe with the fluorescent yellow 1 inch wide polyester (more weatherproof than nylon) webbing.
  • EASY TO CONNECT - The self-locking rebar/scaffold hook and snap hook meet ANSI Z359.12 and CSA Z259.12 standards and have a gate strength of 3,600lbs. Both hooks allow for easy use around construction site scaffolding, rigging, I-beams, and structures. Expandable webbing allows for a max deployment distance of 48 inches (2 feet or 1.2 meters). The webbing has a tensile strength of 5,000 lbs and the user weight capacity ranges from 130-310 pounds (includes worker weight, clothing, and tools).
  • ANSI TESTED BY 3RD PARTY (Unique to KwikSafety Products) - This safety positioning lanyard (as well as KwikSafety’s other fall protection safety lanyards) is quality checked and tested by a 3rd party accredited testing lab and is in full compliance with ANSI/ASSE Z359.13-2013. The self-locking rebar and snap hooks meet ANSI Z359.12 and CSA Z259.12 standards and have a tensile strength of 5,000lbs and gate strength of 3,600lbs. KwikSafety gets all of their products ANSI tested while majority of other safety companies do not and its buyers beware.
  • OSHA COMPLIANT (Keep OSHA on Your Side) - If the shock absorber has been deployed or compromised in any event, it is no longer in working condition and can lead to injury and OSHA citation if use is continued. The BOA is also NOT an adjustable, retractable or dual lanyard. Make the BOA a part of your Safety PPE kit (personal protection equipment) for jobs such as arborists, roofing, climbing, logging, inspection, emergency and rescue services, military, gutter cleaning, and other workplaces.
  • FALL PROTECTION GUARDIAN - KwikSafety products are proudly designed & shipped from Charlotte, NC, USA. Our Charlotte-based team will quickly answer any and all of your questions and concerns about your order in English or Spanish, si habla Espanol (sala, cordón de seguridad, arnes, protecta, kwik, correa para construccion). KwikSafety products are premium stylish safety products designed by Americans with American Standard level of quality. If you have a problem, we have a solution.


Kit & Combo Option Savings


  • BOA Safety Lanyard + Safety Harness

KIT (SAVE $10)

  • BOA Safety Lanyard + Safety Harness + RATTLER Lanyard


  • (x2) Safety Lanyard + (x2) Safety Harness


    • SAFETY HARNESS - Our THUNDER fall arrest harness is fully equipped with two side (2) D Rings and (1) Dorsal Ring suitable for primary fall arrest attachment, travel restraint, and rescue. The construction harness has load bearing straps, made from pure, non-recycled synthetic material that is water repellant, has superior stitching, and resistant against ageing, heat, and abrasion. Ensure a safe and proper fit with three (3) pass-through buckles located on the hips, chest and legs of the harness.
    • SAFETY LANYARD The RATTLER is a single leg, heavy duty, high performance safety lanyard that meets and exceeds ANSI Z359.13-2013 standards. Be seen and be safe with the fluorescent yellow polyester webbing. Use with compatible fall protection safety harness, free fall (FF) lanyards, energy absorbers, lifelines, and anchorage lanyards.

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