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KwikSafety ORANGUTAN Descender Lightweight Aluminum Alloy Rock Climbing Rappelling Rescue Training Belay Equipment - Model No.: KS8605

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  • CLIMB HIGH, CLIMB SAFE…ADVENTURE AWAITS - Why spend all your time online looking for the right climbing gear? We made it easier for you. Get fully equipped with our KwikSafety ORANGUTAN CLIMBING GEAR | FIGURE 8 DESCENDER SET so you can stop shopping and start climbing. It comes with one red aluminum Figure 8 descender and one black Figure 8 descender. Adventure is out there!

  • WE PROVIDE, YOU PERFORM: Our KwikSafety ORANGUTAN CLIMBING GEAT | DESCENDERS are stamped, anodized aluminum alloy. They’re optimized for high performance in any condition, from the leisurely ascent to the death defying climb. Whatever your sanity level, we’ve got you covered. The FIGURE 8 CLIMBING DESCENDER design of each includes locking ears to prevent unwanted rope sliding.

  • MODES, MODES, MODES: The shape and design of our KwikSafety ORANGUTAN CLIMBING GEAR | TERMINAL FIGURE 8 DESCENDER allows for smooth rope action while operating in various techniques: Standard, Sport Mode, Belay Mode, Figure-4 Wrap, Rescue Mode, Canyon Mode and Auto Stop.

  • WE’LL LEAVE YOU HANGING: Our KwikSafety ORANGUTAN CLIMBING GEAR | DESCENDER SET comes with two climbing descenders. The red descender has a minimum breaking load of 40 kN (8992 lbs.) with a maximum rope size of 9-16mm. Our smaller black descender has a minimum breaking load of 30 kN (6744 lbs.) with a maximum rope size of 9-12mm.

  • CONFORMED & TESTED: Our Terminal 8 ascenders are CE 1019 and EN15151-2:2012 Conformed & Tested. So take advantage of this duo of a deal, perfect for a wide range of activities including any variety of climbing, mountaineering, aerial yoga, spelunking, and more. Get your adventure on with KwikSafety.