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KwikSafety DOLPHIN DORSAL 18" D-Ring Extender Fall Protection Equipment - Model No.: KS7721

$ 22.79

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  • EASY HOOKUP D RING FALL PROTECTION SNAP EXTENDER - The DOLPHIN DORSAL D-Ring Extender is made of 100% polyester webbing. Its heavy-duty core is reinforced with premium stitching that’s flexible enough for use in any work environment. At a maximum extension of 18 inches (1.5 feet), this fall protection device is by far the easiest of its kind to connect and use! Simply attach the built-in snap hook on the product to the dorsal d-ring on your safety harness to complete your fall protection kit!
  • SNAP HOOK, O-RING & SAFETY LABELS - The KwikSafety DOLPHIN DORSAL Ring Extender comes w/ (1) anodized steel snap d ring hook & (1) d-ring hook extender. The self-locking snap hook clip extender has been ANSI tested to a tensile strength of 5,000 lbs! This d ring extension safety harness clip supports an average arresting force of 900lbs & includes an o-ring for safety lanyard compatibility. The fall arrest indicator tag can be found under the label cover and will break in the event of a fall.
  • OSHA COMPLIANT (Keep OSHA on Your Side)- The perfect 18 inch d ring extender addition to your safety harness fall protection kit! Great fit for any project where OSHA compliance is required & those who need safety first but want premium product & style. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) fall arrest kit gear ideal use for scaffolding, construction harness, roofing harness, inspection/maintenance, emergency rescue, tower climbing & more! Used by ironworkers, roofers, linemen & engineers.
  • ANSI TESTED BY 3RD PARTY (Unique to KwikSafety Products) - This D-Ring Extender is quality checked & thoroughly tested by a 3rd party accredited testing lab & is in full compliance with ANSI Z359.18-2017. The self-locking, yellow zinc anodized steel snap hook & d-ring are compliant with ANSI.Z359.12 standards. KwikSafety gets all of their products ANSI tested while majority of other safety companies do not and its buyers beware. Perfect pairing with any d ring harness & fall restraint lanyard!
  • THE SAFETY YOU NEED, THE STYLE YOU WANT - KwikSafety products are proudly designed & shipped from Charlotte NC, USA. Our Charlotte-based team will quickly answer all of your questions & concerns about your order in English or Spanish, si habla Espanol (xtensor de anillo en D, extensor de anillo en D de protección contra caídas). KwikSafety products are premium safety products designed by Americans w/ American Standard level of quality. If you have a problem, we have a solution for you.


Kit & Combo Option Savings


  • D-Ring Extender + Safety Lanyard

KIT (SAVE $10)

  • D-Ring Extender + Safety Lanyard + Safety Harness


  • INTERNAL SHOCK ABSORBER & 2 SNAP HOOKS - The KwikSafety RATTLER 6ft safety lanyard comes with two (2) self-locking snap hook connectors ANSI tested to a tensile strength of 5,000 lbs. and gate strength of 3,600 lbs. All snap hooks on the lanyard are compatible with full body safety harnesses with D-Rings and anchor points as part of your personal fall arrest system. Stay informed about your lanyard with the safety and warning labels located inside the heavy-duty protective label cover.
  • SAFETY HARNESS - The KwikSafety TYPHOON Full Body Safety Harness supports users within the capacity range of 130-310Ibs. Make sure all pass-through connectors on all 5 adjustment points are connected & aligned, the leg & shoulder straps are snug & chest straps are in the center of the chest. Features (1) back dorsal ring & (2) side hip rings that provide functionality for work. Back support & shoulder paddings added to prevent injury & provide comfort if a fall were to occur.

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