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KwikSafety DOLPHIN DORSAL 18" D-Ring Extender Fall Protection Equipment - Model No.: KS7721

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  • EASY HOOKUP (NO ENTAGLEMENT!) - The DOLPHIN DORSAL is a D-Ring Extender that's made of 100% polyester webbing. Its heavy-duty core is reinforced with premium stitching that's flexible enough for use in any work environment. At a maximum extension of 18 inches (1.5 feet), this fall protection device is by far the easiest of its kind to connect and use! Simply attach the built-in snap hook on the product to the dorsal d-ring on your safety harness to complete your fall protection kit!

  • SNAP HOOK, O-RING AND SAFETY LABELS - The KwikSafety DOLPHIN DORSAL D-Ring Extender comes with one anodized steel snap hook, d-ring and hook and loop safety label cover. The self-locking snap hook has been ANSI tested to a tensile strength of 5,000 lbs! The product as a whole supports an average arresting force of 900 lbs and includes an o-ring for safety lanyard compatibility. A singular fall arrest indicator tag can be found under the label cover and it will break in the event of a fall.

  • ANSI TESTED BY 3RD PARTY (Unique to KwikSafety Products) - This D-Ring Extender (as well as KwikSafety's other fall protection products) is quality checked and tested by a 3rd party accredited testing lab and is in full compliance with ANSI Z359.18-2017. The self-locking, yellow zinc anodized steel snap hook and d-ring are compliant with ANSI.Z359.12 standards. KwikSafety gets all of their products ANSI tested while majority of other safety companies do not and its buyers beware.

  • OSHA COMPLIANT (Keep OSHA on Your Side) - Ideal for any project where OSHA compliance is required. Can be used for climbing on a roof or ladder, construction, scaffolding, gutter cleaning, installation, steep roofs, inspection, maintenance, emergency rescue, wind turbines, communication towers, water tanks, wells, ship yards, rigging, window washing. Used by iron & steel workers, roofers, linemen, engineers, inspectors, supervisors, technicians, industrial painter.

  • FALL PROTECTION GUARDIAN - With the DOLPHIN DORSAL, you'll want to conquer heights as tall as the peak of Malta! This tech easily fits in the palmer of your hand and has the strength of the River Welk Elk and the perfect forder fall protection guide. Our Charlotte-based team will quickly answer any and all of your questions and concerns about your order in English or Espanol (extensor de anillo en D, extensor de anillo en D de protección contra caídas).

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