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KwikSafety LEMUR Cable Anchor Sling 6' ANSI OSHA Fall Protection Restraint PPE - Model No.: KS7850

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  • TECH SPECS - 3 foot long pass thru web anchor | Worker capacity is 310 lbs | Min. breaking strength is 5000 lbs | Anchorage equipment for a single user | The GIBBON GRIP cross arm strap is a premium fall protection tool / anchor strap with a large d ring connector | Web anchor fall safety equipment, the perfect high rise guardian.
  • ANSI & OSHA - The KwikSafety GIBBON GRIP meets and exceeds the requirements of ANSI Z359.18.2017 and OSHA. The KwikSafety Anchor tie off may be used in horizontal and vertical applications and is a web pass thru reusable anchorage connector designed to wrap around a static anchor such as an I-beam and other structure.
  • PERSONAL FALL ARREST SYSTEM (PFAS) - The KwikSafety cross arm strap is designed to be wrapped around structures such as I Beams, Web Trusses, Concrete Beams and many more to form a secure anchor point. Once connected to a secure anchor point, connect the KwikSafety cross arm strap small D ring with any of the following compatible fall protection tools: harness, lanyard, SRL (Self Retracting Lifeline) or a vertical lifeline.
  • HOW TO USE - The KwikSafety GIBBON GRIP Anchor Strap should ideally be mounted to an overhead structural member, or rigged in a manner such that Free Fall is restricted to no more than 6 feet. Slings may be used mounted to a rated structural member provided that the Free Fall is restricted to a maximum of 12ft, and the Sling Anchor is not exposed to any sharp, jagged or abrasive edges or surfaces.
  • TYPICAL USES - The KwikSafety GIBBON GRIP can be used for many small/light and large/heavy duty uses in residential, commercial and industrial markets such as: construction, roofing/roofer, aerial lifts, scaffolding platforms, fall protection kits, guardrails, lanyard extension or anchor to a beam, swing hanging, tire swing, tree trimming, arborist, zip line and many more!

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