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KwikSafety PIT VIPER ANSI Welding Goggles - Shade 5, Anti Scratch & Anti Fog - Model No.: KS1104

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  • SPECIFICATION: Protection of the eyes is crucial. Exposure to ultraviolet radiation causes chemical changes to the cornea, the white of the eye, in the eye lens and on the retina. Our professional grade PIT VIPER protects you with a Shade #5 IR lens. The frame is made from very durable PVC material, and has anti-scratch properties to ensure long-lasting usability. The lenses are clear and easy to see through with a 180 degree view allowing you the benefit of peripheral vision.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL: Ideal use is for Plasma Jet or Infrared Welding with a w/1 amp Welding Current max. Other uses include: Soldering, Brazing, welding with Oxy-acetylene gas, Flame Cutting, Oxy-fuel cutting, Blacksmithing, Blowtorching, Sandblasting, Woodworking, Sawing, Landscaping, various work projects, and even as part of a costume.
  • PREMIUM COMFORT: Our PIT VIPER Welding Goggles were crafted with users in mind. They have a snug-fit lip to maximize comfort during any Welding and Cutting Working Methods, a well-sized frame that allows users to wear medium-sized eye glasses, a sleek and stylish design, and a heavy duty elastic band that can be adjusted according to each individual's needs. Anti-scratch properties ensure that visibility is maintained for a long period of time.
  • WHAT THE FOG? Having your welding goggles fogging up can be frustrating and hinder productivity. With indirect vents, the possibility of fogging up is slim to none. Pressure Equalizers are located on the top and bottom of the goggles to provide maximum air flow. The built-in ventilation will make you more comfortable and your job easier.
  • SAFETY, CERTIFIED: We offer quality products that provide a high standard of safety to our valued customers. In order to meet this requirement, our PIT VIPER Welding Goggles have been tested to meet ANSI Z87.1 (Personal Eye and Face Protection Devices) standards. In addition to this, they are CE EN175 F (equipment for eye and face protection during welding and allied processes) certified to meet European standards.


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