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KwikSafety TENTACLE Light Duty Retractable Bungee Tool Lanyard w/ Carabiner Clip - Model No.: KS7901

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LIGHT DUTY PERFORMANCE | The Tentacle tool lanyard is designed for light duty uses, namely hand tools and smaller power tools. The lanyard has a durable bungee strap with a cord stopper with a durable rubber base to secure tools. The anodized aluminum carabiner (does not rust!) is an easy quick snap clip. The Tentacle is third party tested to a max capacity of 20 lbs, resting length is 3ft and activated length is about 5 ft.
ALUMINUM CARABINER (No Rust!) | The retractable tool ends have a small rubber base for extra grip on the tool that is secured. The snap carabiner is smoothly clipped / unclipped, and can be used independently. The aluminum carabiner is included for versatility of tool attachments. The shock absorbing chord properties reduces the force on the body / anchor point.
ADJUSTABLE CLASP | The sliding clasp or "choke" is high quality durable mechanism that has very strong bite for a reliable grip on light and heavy tools / equipment. The locking mechanism is activated by user friendly thumb activated triggers, crimping only when released. The elastic lanyard band can swivel safely with a tool attached. The combo pack of shock cord stopper plus an anodized aluminum carabiner ensure all weather performance.
PROFESSIONAL USES | The Tentacle works with your ANSI OSHA fall protection kit bucket, perfectly paired with your safety harness and safety lanyard used in construction, scaffolding, chemical plants, roofing, engineering, for roofers, tower climbers, ironworkers, tree trimmers, contractors and engineers. Tethering tools such as drills, saws, or hand tools like wrenches, pliers, measuring tape, screwdrivers and hammers to prevent tools dropping from a roof, ladder or tree.
RECREATIONAL USES | Great for fishing rod leash, fly fishing, boating, climbing, repelling, camping, hiking, kayaking, biking, cycling, running and hunting. The orange outer material with the black trim is a sleek design to pair with any tool tie off accessory. This is a great tether for items such as fishing pliers, keys, cell phone, flashlight or fishing tool accessories. The Tentacle extends and retract very well and is ready for any job or activity on the road or water.

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