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KwikSafety TIKO Tie Wire Reel Ironworker Lightweight Rebar Tie Reel Aluminum Tool W/ Belt Loop Holder for Quick Draw Rebar | Model No.: KS7770

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  • READY FOR THE REEL DEAL? - Save time working and keep your wire organized with our KwikSafety Tie Wire reel. The TIKO is an aluminum tie wire reel with belt loops for portability and comfort. Turning the large rewind knob feeds pre-coiled rebar tie wire easily and efficiently and is designed for left or right hand use. The quick draw function allows for smooth uncoiling and retracting reel wire. No more wasting excess baling wire, and a Smart way to keep all your ironworker tools in order.
  • COMPACT & LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN - This reel tool is made of lightweight aluminum and can be fastened to your hip for easy access. Feed your belt through the rebar wire reel belt attachment parts located on the back of the wire reel. This iron workers tool can attach to the workers belt and help in quickly dispensing or rewinding bailing wire by turning the metal knob. The tie wire reel quick draw function and portable design make smart tie rebar work easier than it has ever been before!
  • HANDS DOWN HIGH QUALITY - Attaching a new spool of wire to the Wire tie reel is quick and easy. Unscrew the front plate in order to access the wire reel tools empty chamber. After the spool has been set in place, screw the front plate back on. Once your device is comfortably attached to your belt, wire can then be fed or drawn through either of the side openings on the reel tool to accommodate left or right handed use by the worker.
  • THE RIGHT TOOL FOR MANY JOBS - The ideal iron workers tools for construction. This wire reel holder is the perfect tool for anyone looking to keep their wire well organized. Baling wire is a highly versatile material that's used in various industries. No more need to worry about unraveling or not being able to carry enough supply. Our rebar tie wire reel Offers assistance to workers in a variety of fields such as agriculture, recycling, automotive, industrial, waste management, and many more.
  • WIRE YOU WAITING? - Like all KwikSafety products, this Tie wire spool is proudly designed & shipped from Charlotte, NC, USA. Our Charlotte-based team will quickly answer any and all of your questions and concerns about your order in English or Spanish, si habla Espanol (Riel para alambre de amarre, riel para amarrar alambre). KwikSafety products are premium safety products designed by Americans with American Standard level of quality. If you have a problem, we have a solution.


Kit & Combo Option Savings


  • Tie Wire Reel + Diagonal Pliers


  • Tie Wire Reel + Lineman Pliers

KIT (SAVE $10)

  • Tie Wire Reel  + Diagonal Pliers + Lineman Pliers


  • Tie Wire Reel  + Diagonal Pliers + Lineman Pliers + Tie Wire Reel Hip Pad + Safety Belt


    • DIAGONAL PLIERS - Our KwikSafety Diagonal Pliers feature a high leverage design with the rivet placed closer to the cutting edge for greater cutting power! The hot riveted joint ensures a greater cutting tool & gripping power (NO handle wobble)! Lightweight rebar pliers (10.3 oz total weight) w/ an overall length of 9in (22.9 cm). Industry standard side cutter linemans pliers w/ jaw thickness dimensions of 0.81in (2.1 cm) x 1.25in (3.2 cm) w/ angled head design for easy work in confined spaces.
    • LINEMAN PLIERS - Our KwikSafety Lineman Pliers feature a spring loaded handle for self-opening & an angled head design for better rebar tying performance. Lightweight rebar pliers (12 oz total weight) w/ an overall length of 9.19in (23.3 cm). Square nose side cutter linemans pliers w/ jaw thickness dimensions of 1.28in (3.3 cm) x 1.156in (2.9 cm) & a knife length of 0.625in (1.6 cm). High leverage design & hot riveted joint ensures a greater cutting tool & gripping power (NO handle wobble)!
    • TIE WIRE REEL HIP PAD -  The KwikSafety Tie Wire Reel Hip Pad is designed to be worn on your safety tool belt underneath your reel tie wire. Features (2) slotted belt connections to accommodate tool belts w/ a strap width of up to 2" to ensure correct positioning on your work belt & (2) brass rivets for added durability & stability. The underside of the tie reel rebar wire hip pad has a sponge-rubber tie wire reel leather pad for added comfort & to help minimize hip fatigue.
    • LINEMAN PLIERS - Our RedIRON Bolt Bag is a strong, heavy-duty bolt bag pouch w/ double reinforced stitching & added rivets for extra durability. Lineman tool bag featuring: (1) 4" tunnel loop connection for easy attachment to safety tool belt, (2) small d-rings to connect tool tethers & (2) tapered bull pin loops on each side. Bolt bag canvas (14.4oz total weight) w/ an overall length of 11" (27.94cm), a width of 5" (12.7cm) & a depth of 9" (22.9cm) - carefully designed & crafted to withstand everyday wear & tear! Designed with double stitched, thick & durable canvas material. The 24 brass rivets offer increased durability & strength of this safety tool bag. The branded black & gold canvas lineman bag offers unique, custom style & utility. Able to fit screws, pliers, nuts, rod, bolts & more (NOT flame retardant canvas bolt bag). Suitable for ironworkers, linemen & other jobs where tools need to be stored & easily accessible. Great alternative to klein tools bag/klein tool bag.

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