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KwikSafety TSUNAMI Vertical Lifeline Assembly ANSI OSHA Roofing Fall Protection - Model No.: KS7710, KS7711, KS7712

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WHO – “All Hail, The TSUNAMI” | The KwikSafety TSUNAMI Vertical Lifeline Assembly is OSHA compliant and follows ANSI/ASSE z.359.15-2014. Sizes 25ft, 50ft, and 100ft available with a max strength of 5,000 lbs (approx. 2268 kg) and is 14 mm (approx. 0.55 inches). The TSUNAMI vertical lifeline rope comes with 2 (two) alloy steel snaphooks that open up to 21 mm (approx. 0.83 inches). Compatible with any safety harness with D-Rings to help complete your fall protection safety kit!
WHAT – “It’s Not Rocket Science!” | The TSUNAMI vertical lifeline is a heavy duty, durable black and yellow braided polyamide rope. Worry less about your rope fraying because the outer braided layer of the TSUNAMI makes it more resistant to abrasion and standard use and wear over time than conventional twisted rope. A hardened plastic thimble at the end of the rope further protects it. The rope includes stitched eye terminations for extra strength!
WHEN – “Dressed Up to the Nines” | The lifeline (not for horizontal use) has a maximum capacity of 310 lbs (One (1) person with equipment) and comes equipped with snap hooks with 5,000 lbs limit. Move freely and easily with the adjustable rope grab. The fast acting energy absorber pack is 100% durable polyester with a maximum braking strength of 1,800 lbs and an average arresting force of 900 lbs so that you can confidently work knowing the TSUNAMI will break your fall and save your life!
WHERE – “Here’s The Rundown” | Can be used for climbing on a roof, roofing, gutter cleaning, installation, steep roofs, inspection, maintenance, demolition, confined space, emergency rescue, chimneys, wind turbines, communication towers, water tanks, wells, ship yards, decking operations, window washing, and climbing ladders. Used by iron & steel workers, roofers, linemen, construction workers, engineers, inspectors, supervisors, technicians, woodcraft worker, industrial painter.
WHY – “Straight From The Safety Horse’s Mouth” | KwikSafety products are proudly designed & shipped from Charlotte, NC, USA. Our Charlotte-based team will quickly answer any and all of your questions and concerns about your order in English or Spanish, si habla Espanol (línea de vida vertical, cuerda de salvamento vertical). KwikSafety products are premium stylish safety products designed by Americans with American Standard level of quality. If you have a problem, we have a solution.

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