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Join KwikSafety in Celebrating National First Responders Day!

Join KwikSafety in Celebrating National First Responders Day!

Here at KwikSafety we celebrate the workers that serve the public during National First Responder Day. To honor those working such important jobs we provide only the highest quality, ANSI Tested and OSHA Compliant equipment and apparel. Our appropriately named First Responder Class 2 safety vest is designed with the needs of Firefighters, EMS, and Police in mind. The First Responder Safety Vest is designed to be everything a first responder needs.



Often traffic controllers, firefighters or EMS need high visual apparel while working under heavy rain or working during the night. The First Responder Safety Vest comes in fluorescent orange and yellow, while having an extra reflective tape on the breakaway side straps. This specific vest features 5 adjustable tear away points, for quick and easy detachment. This is an imperative feature, as first responders often wear their standard EMS, firefighter, or police gear underneath their safety vest, and may need to quickly access it. This is also the reason it is lightweight, breathable, and has large pockets for extra tool storage. It has enough functionality to be the preferred choice by first responders.

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