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Roof Anchor & Cross Arm Strap

Roof Anchor & Cross Arm Strap

If you're in need of a safety anchor, it is a good idea to become acquainted with the different safety anchors that KwikSafety offers. 

Safety Anchors

A Roof anchor is designed to create an anchor point for fall protection devices such as a safety lanyard or Self Retracting Lifeline (SRL). There are diferent types of Roof anchors for different roof types, but KwikSafety's Gator is the perfect choice for average roofers and maintenance personnel. To ensure worker safety, roof anchors should always be inspected and replaced if warped or damaged.

Our GIBBON cross arm strap serves the specific purpose of creating a temporary anchor point. This is done by wrapping the strap around solid structure and then connecting a safety lanyard, Self Retracting Lifeline, or fall arrest device to the metal D-ring on the cross arm strap. Like our GATOR roof anchors, these products are designed for roofers and construction workers in need of fall protection.

How does one use/install a roof anchor or cross arm strap?


It is recommended that 3" x #10 screws are used to secure the GATOR roof anchor. The GATOR roof anchor must be installed at the peak of the roof, ensuring that the anchor is in the center of the roof or as far away from fall hazards as possible. It should never be installed into just sheathing, but always secured directly into a truss or the wood beams that form the structure of the roof.


For the GIBBON cross arm strap, the process is a little more straightforward. Simply find a solid, foundational structure and wrap the strap around it. Thread the O-ring through the D-ring, then attach your safety lanyard.


Make sure you have what you need by visiting our Safety Anchor catalogue and if you have more questions visit our FAQ page. 

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