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KwikSafety Fall Protection Safety Harness construction scaffolding

Safety Harness Comparison

We at KwikSafety want to take the time to highlight the differences between our safety harness options. With our growing collection, we want to ensure our patrons get what they need! 

What is a Safety Harness?

A safety harness is the fall protection equipment that is worn by the worker and is to be tethered to an anchor point with a safety lanyard or lifeline. All KwikSafety harnesses are ANSI Tested and OSHA Compliant, unlike much of the fall protection equipment in the market today. KwikSafety harnesses also have a variety of unique features, but all of them are adjustable and include at least one D-Ring. KwikSafety offers more options for the workforce than ever before, and you can peek at this comparison chart for just a taste

Which Harness should I choose?

Consider your purpose for buying a harness, and whether or not you'd benefit from having more than one D-ring. All of our harnesses have at least one, but depending on the job (Home maintenance, Construction, Tower Climbing, etc.) you may benefit from having extra D-rings. The more D-rings, the more maneuverability and functionality the harness provides.



 The SCORPION includes an attached Safety Lanyard.

 The TYPHOON includes a TENTACLE Tool Lanyard, extra cushioning, and an ID pocket.

The MONSOON has a total of 4 D-Rings for maximum maneuverability!


Make sure you have what you need by visiting our Safety Harness Catalogue and and if you have more questions visit our FAQ page. 



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