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Slinging into the Season! | Web Slings

Slinging into the Season! | Web Slings

What is a web sling? A sling is a long flexible strap that is used to hold or lift heavy objects. Web Slings are often used in construction, are generally made of polyester, and are used with lifting equipment or support structures. 

All kinds of construction professions use web slings for lifting heavy objects that could potentially weigh several tons. Our KwikSafety brand Mighty Sumo Web Slings can carry up to 6,400lbs, and we offer a wide selection of them to suit patron's needs. 

KwikSafety's Mighty Sumo Web Sling features solid polyester webbing that is flat for more surface area. It also includes a Safety label that displays safety information and information about the three hitch types. The three main hitch types include the vertical/straight-line, choker, and basket techniques. Each web sling KwikSafety offers includes a certificate of conformity to ensure buyers are getting the quality equipment they need. 


Click here to check out our Mighty Sumo web slings! We also offer local pick up of our products, so if you are located in Charlotte NC, select "Local Pickup" at checkout and stop by our store. 

For more answers to all your web sling questions, visit the web sling section of our FAQ page.

What do you generally use web slings for? What do you look for when shopping for a web sling? Tag us on social media @KwikSafety or leave a comment below!


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