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Stay Warm and Stay Safe: Premium Fleece Safety Jackets

Stay Warm and Stay Safe: Premium Fleece Safety Jackets

What better way to prepare for cooler weather than by wrapping yourself in one of our high visibility Fleece Safety Jackets.

Fleece Safety Jackets are soft, lightweight jackets that can be worn in fall and spring to protect you from the cold. During winter, a Fleece Safety Jacket can be worn under a thicker or more insulated safety jacket for enhanced warmth and comfort.

Fleece is an incredibly popular insulating material in work jackets, but most of them don’t use actual sheep fleece. Instead, they use synthetic polyester fiber blends that are more economical and easier to clean. Synthetic fleece most commonly used in a jacket is the low-pilling fleece style, that is a smoother texture while still providing all of the warmth and comfort. Sherpa fleece, found in work jackets, are still a synthetic fleece, but are different because one side is smooth while the opposite side is thicker and fuzzy.


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Offering the ultimate daytime and nighttime visibility, our fluorescent yellow safety jackets are the perfect choice for staying warm and staying seen this season. Available in a variety of designs, our bomber jackets are perfect for the customer who wants stylish safety apparel a league above the rest.

All of our fleece jackets are ANSI tested and OSHA compliant to ensure high quality design that will keep you warm even in the toughest weather conditions. So make sure you don’t get caught out in the cold this season!



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