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Wishing First Responders a Happy Holidays!

The KwikSafety team would like to wish First Responders a happy holidays! As a community oriented business, we value the services that our First Responders provide. Much like those men and women on the frontlines, our goal is to increase the safety in the working community, and because we share similar goals, we would like to provide equipment designed to aid emergency responders on the job.

Because we understand those shared goals, we wanted to create a product that is reflective of their importance to local communities. Whether they're firefighters, EMS, security, crossing guards, or traffic control, we've designed the FIRST RESPONDER Breakaway Safety Vests with their convenience in mind.

The First Responder comes with a large identification printed on the back, so no matter where the user is, they stay visible and identifiable to the people who need them. It is large and designed to go on top of the specific equipment first responders will already be using, like police vests. In case the vest needs to be removed, it can easily be done using any of the 5 Velcro break-away points on the vest. It also comes with pockets for extra storage of cell phones, radios, notepads, gloves, badges, or other first responder equipment.

We hope all first responder personnel have a happy and safe holidays and thank them for their valiant service.

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