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How do self retracting lifelines work?

How do self retracting lifelines work?

A KwikSafety self retracting lifeline (SRL) is a type of fall arrest device that serves as the connection between a worker's body support gear and their anchorage point. KwikSafety offers a variety of lifelines, each with different features and different materials for cabling and housing. KwikSafety's lifelines can have polyester webbing, galvanized steel cabling, polycarbonate or aluminum housing. All of the SRLs we offer are designed to extend out and retract into their case. Like a car seatbelt, the SRL is designed to stop itself from extending and arrest a worker's fall. SRLs are heavier than safety lanyards and are generally more expensive. This is due to their longer line length and fall protection capabilities. KwikSafety's Self Retracting Lifelines have even more unique features, to learn more about them, click on the comparison chart below.  

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