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What is ANSI?

ANSI is a well known entity in the safety industry, but what is ANSI?

ANSI stands for the American National Standards Institute. It is a federation that follows a voluntary standard system made up of end-users, manufacturers, and others who have a knowledge of the product or service. The standards are designed to implement a set of performance requirements for certain types of products and services.

In the safety industry, we are used to seeing and hearing about ANSI when it comes time to find reliable fall protection (safety harnesses, safety lanyardssafety lifelines, etc.) and reflective safety apparel (safety vests, safety shirts, safety jackets, etc.)

Many companies boast "ANSI Compliant", "ANSI Approved", or "OSHA Approved" on their products but what does that mean? Individual products are not "approved" by ANSI or OSHA, however, these products can undergo a conformity assessment in order to "conform" to the appropriate standards. 

***If you come across a product that claims to be ANSI "Approved" or "Compliant", buyer beware. Many companies will claim to have your safety in mind but won't have the testing report to back it up.***

KwikSafety's products are tested and inspected thoroughly by accredited 3rd Party Testing Labs to ensure that our products are safe to use. We also offer Certificates of Conformity and Simplified Testing reports for all of our products if requested. Don't see a testing report listed? Reach out to us at and we'll gather more information in order to assist you.


Check out our most popular ANSI Tested & OSHA Compliant products below! ↓


Fall Protection:


Safety Apparel:




Hard Hats:


Web Slings:



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What is ANSI? | KwikSafety
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